City of Fort Collins Small Business Recovery Grants

As part of pandemic recovery efforts, the City of Fort Collins is launching the Small Business Grants program to help our local small business community address impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis. Eligible small businesses include those with less than 50 employees... read more

Colorado Change Leader Program

The Colorado Change Leader Program teaches cultural and community leaders how to handle change in organizations, communities, and their daily lives. The program is made up of a(n): institute certification project network of participants The institute is a biannual... read more

Advanced Industries Proof of Concept Grant

The Advanced Industries Early-Stage Capital and Retention Grant helps Colorado-based advanced industries technology businesses develop and commercialize advanced technologies that will be created or manufactured in Colorado. Projects can receive up to... read more

Cannabis Business Technical Assistance

The Cannabis Business Technical Assistance program is an educational program focused on the foundations of business development in the cannabis industry. The curriculum is housed on a secure learning management system and includes educational videos, coursework, and... read more

Employee Ownership Tax Credit

The Employee Ownership Tax Credit is available to current Colorado-headquartered businesses and their employees to provide an incentive to establish employee stock ownership plans, worker-owned cooperatives, and employee ownership trusts. The tax credit covers up to... read more