The ReIgnite Our Economy Plan

Throughout the pandemic, Economic Developers, Chambers of Commerce and business-serving organizations across Northern Colorado have worked collaboratively to support businesses and best position our community for economic recovery. has been a valuable one-stop-shop for businesses resources while the Keep NoCo Open campaign communicated the best ways for our community to support businesses during the pandemic. Level Up helped countless businesses open smarter, faster, and safer, CSU’s Pivot program provided businesses with knowledge needed to quickly adapt to changing customer trends and a unique partnership with NoCo Nosh helped expand access to food delivery for many Northern Colorado businesses.

As we start to recover from the pandemic a coordinated and organized economic recovery plan is being developed for Northern Colorado. The ReIgnite Our Economy plan will focus on business recovery and resiliency across industries, building a robust and diverse regional workforce, strengthening the role of Northern Colorado as a hub for innovation, and enhancing regional cooperation.

Economic Recovery Strategy

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COVID-19 Response & Recovery Map

The Northern Colorado Regional Economic Development Initiative (NoCo REDI) has released a roadmap outlining the central intersections of the public and private sectors and their partnerships to share the way the region is working together to reignite our economy.

The map serves as a visual representation highlighting the alignment of resources and mitigation work implemented in response to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

“The established relationships that existed prior to COVID-19 gave us an upper hand in our road to response and recovery. This map helps us clarify the connection points across the region that are focused on the essential goal of reigniting our economy and instilling consumer confidence,” said Adam Crowe, Larimer County Economic Development Manager.

Elements of the map include those existing collaborations prior to COVID-19 that continue to work together to mitigate impacts, business response partners and groups, advocacy organizations, funding opportunities, and regional tools.

The effort of each of these elements working on behalf of the business community will merge into the collaborative, Reignite Our Economy Plan, outlined through key phases.

The first phase is currently underway and will guide the overall strategy through data analysis, focus groups, and one-on-one storytelling from local businesses.  Industry-based focus groups will be held October 20 – November 4 to help guide the discovery, strategy, and implementation of this plan.