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UCHealth’s COVID-19 employer solutions program

Topic: Covid-19 UCHealth Webinar – May 22
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  • Overview of current state of COVID-19, UCHealth’s response and lessons learned.
  • The evolution of COVID-19, an epidemiologic point of view.
  • Strategies and tactics for addressing COVID-19.
  • National and local regulatory guidance and requirements.
  • The potential role of testing, pros and cons.
  • UCHealth’s COVID-19 employer solutions program.


Richard Zane, MD
Chief Innovation Officer, UCHealth
Co-Founder, UCHealth CARE Innovation Center
Chair and Professor, Emergency Medicine,
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Edward R. Ashwood, MD

Professor and Vice Chair for Clinical Pathology
Medical Director of Clinical Laboratories
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Michelle Barron, MD

Professor of Medicine in Infectious Diseases
Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Lori Japp, PA-C
Vice President of Urgent Care UCHealth

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