How Can We Help:

Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute understands that successful entrepreneurs need capital to launch and grow their business. Our Business Builder Loan Program exists to provide microloans to RMMFI entrepreneurs in need of financing. We offer 4 types of loans, which build off each other as entrepreneurs move through our programs and grow their businesses. Higher amounts are available upon successful repayment of the initial loan and with a demonstrated need for the increased amount. Seed Loan (for feasibility testing): $500, Launch Loan: $2,500, Thrive Loan: $5,000, Growth Loan: $75,000. Business Builder Loans carry an interest rate between 8% and 12% and have repayment terms of 6-24 months.

Entrepreneurs who make at/below the following income levels by household size: 1 person: $52,000; 2 people: $59,400; 3 people: $66,850; 4 people: $74,250; 5 people: $80,200; 6 people: $86,150; 7 people: $92,100; 8 people: $98,050. RMMFI cannot support any business that cannot be defined as a microenterprise (a business entity with 5 or fewer employees requiring immediate capital needs of $15,000 or less) or that falls into any of the below categories: marijuana and marijuana-related businesses, tobacco shops, liquor stores, or related businesses, pawn shops, pornography, businesses deemed to be predatory or detrimental to the community, non-profits.

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