The video below is the brainchild of local high school senior Ulisses Rico Moncada; he felt it was important to promote messages that would resonate with youth. “I’ve seen a false sense of security amongst teens and young adults because we’ve been told older adults and people with pre-existing health conditions are those most vulnerable to Covid-19,” says Ulisses. “Teens and young adults are not in the high-risk area, so I think there is no pressure for that group to get the vaccine. The pandemic will be over faster if every demographic of the population does their part and gets vaccinated. Choosing not to get the vaccine puts the person at risk and other communities who have been affected the most.”

Ulisses had an idea to develop a video featuring messages he believed would be meaningful to youth and young adults. Our local Comcast team was pleased to work with him as he developed a script and assisted with all aspects of producing the final video. Ulisses himself appears in the spot, along with several friends he recruited to help convey these important messages – real Colorado students sharing their perspectives as they reflect on their own experiences during the pandemic.

“Teens should talk amongst their friends and family to encourage them to get vaccinated, to make life feel normal again, and keep people safe,” adds Ulisses. He shares this article offering additional perspective:

Younger adults are less likely to get vaccinated than their elders, new C.D.C. studies say.

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