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Fort Collins suspends enforcement of some parking rules

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - The City of Fort Collins will suspend enforcement of some non-safety related parking rules due to the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. The decision was made in order to support business owners and employees who are required to be at work, due to Parking Services operating at an emergency support level of coverage, and in light of the lower volume of vehicles in the downtown area. The suspension of some enforcement activities will remain in place beginning immediately...

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County Treasurer Irene Josey announces temporary waiver of delinquent interest

Governor Jared Polis on March 20, 2020 signed an Executive Order granting County Treasurers the authority to waive delinquent interest on first half property tax payments received after the due date of March 2.  This Executive Order will remain in effect for 30 days until April 20, 2020. Based on this Executive Order, Treasurer Irene Josey will waive interest as follows: Taxpayers who have not made a first half property tax payment and expect difficulty making a full payment by April 30, now...

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