In an effort to allow restaurants and dining establishments to transfer a portion of their capacity outdoors and meet anticipated social distancing guidelines, the City of Fort Collins is developing a program that will allow for expanded outdoor patio seating adjacent to businesses through a Temporary Modification of Premise approval process.
Although restaurant reopening guidelines and dates have not been released by the State and County, the City would like to begin processing Temporary Modification of Premise applications this week for establishments seeking to expand their food and alcohol service footprint to the outdoors.
It is expected that a high volume of applications will be received.
below you will find the necessary forms that must be filled out and submitted for consideration. If you have questions about any of these three (3) forms you can email Aimee Jensen, City of Fort Collins, at or telephone at 970-221-6315.
If your businesses will be requesting the use of City Right-of-way (sidewalks or on-street parking spaces) for expanded dining, a Right-of-Way (ROW) Encroachment Permit will be required. The City Engineering department is in the process of revising this application to help streamline requests. When this new ROW Encroachment permit application becomes available (anticipated May 21) you will be notified through this same email address. If you have questions about ROW Encroachments, you can email the City Engineering department at:
Important Dates for Temporary Modification of Premise:
  • All applications must be submitted by 12pm (noon) on May 22nd to be considered at a June 2nd Liquor License hearing.
  • All applications must be submitted by 12pm (noon) on May 26th to be considered at a June 5th Liquor License hearing.
  • Additional information about this process will be forward to you as it becomes available.
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